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The Crop

Crop of Misty Morning

[Click the image to see a larger photo]

I took a few minutes to try the crop that was suggested on my photo “Misty Morning”.  I must admit that I do like it!  The pano crop gives it a totally different feel.

I still like the original version for all of the reasons that I said yesterday.  But I love the details that are more obvious in this one.  What do you guys think?

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“Misty Morning”

[Click on the picture to see a larger version]

This is one of my photos from the digital print competition last week.  It was taken very early one November morning at Lake Nevin in Bernheim Forest.  I love the play of light on the mist rising from the lake.  I also like how the boulders in front anchor the viewer, while the orange glow on the opposite side of the lake tends to pull you in.  My eye likes to wander through this scene and I find it very peaceful.

The judges awarded Misty Morning an average score of 75.  The one who gave a verbal critique said that he felt there was merit to be found in the image but that I need to crop off the bottom two-thirds.  He didn’t like my anchoring boulders and suggested that I make  the photo a very narrow panoramic-style image by removing everything below the mist.


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Spring is here!

Well, the robins arrived a few weeks ago – long before it actually felt like spring around here.  But today has been a beautiful spring day in Louisville.  The crocus and daffodils are blooming in my side yard.  The rhododendron are starting to bud.  The Kentuckiana Cluster of Dog Shows is in town (always a true sign of spring to a dog lover), and I’m sitting here with the windows open, enjoying the nice, fresh air.

Since the dog shows are in town, I haven’t been able to get out with the camera to test out my Christmas present – a set of Kenko extension tubes.  I’m dying to try them out on some flower macro photography, so I’m hoping for continued good weather and lasting blooms.  In the meantime, I thought I’d post some Spring photos from my personal archive taken over the past few years.

Here’s hoping that everyone is having a glorious spring day wherever you are.  And as soon as I can get out with the camera, I’ll post some more spring inspirations.

Bernheim in the Fall

Last fall, David and I did a seminar with Allen Rokach at Bernheim Forest.  If you ever get the chance to take part in one of Allen’s seminars, I highly recommend it.  It ended up being 2 very long days.  We had to be there before the crack of dawn and we stayed until sunset. 

 Time was split between the classroom and the field, with plenty of time for photography.  One thing I learned the hard way……make sure that your spare battery is kept close to your body on cold days.  I thought I was being smart – I had a back up camera body and spare batteries for both bodies.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t smart enough to keep the batteries warm (note to self: the inside of a van isn’t warm when it’s just sitting parked with no heat on).  I ended up with all of my batteries dead by mid-day on Sunday even though I’d done a full recharge on Saturday  night.  Despite that, I still managed to capture some beautiful moments, including the misty sunrise in my blog header.

The gingkoes were in full color the weekend that we were there.  And we even got to experience something that is unique to gingko trees.  They can go from full yellow foliage to no remaining leaves overnight.  We were fortunate to photograph the trees on Saturday because many of them were close to bare by Sunday morning.

Bernheim Arboretum and Research Forest is a great place for photography year-round.  I am so looking forward to springtime which brings lovely flowers to the gardens.  What’s your favorite time of year for photography?

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