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Photo Pro Expo 2013 rocked!

It has now been a few weeks since my trip to Covington for Photo Pro Expo 2013. I had a great time again this year! One of my prints scored 79 in competition which, unfortunately, is just out of the merit category. That print was “Misty Morning”, my beautiful peach-toned landscape of sunrise on Lake Nevin in Bernheim Forest.

Crop of Misty Morning

My portrait of Ian, aka “Mister Elegant” scored a 76. I submitted a different photo of Ian than what I used for the digital competition last summer and that might have been a mistake. The image from last summer scored higher.

I signed up for the portfolio review and was fortunate to get 2 reviews, instead of just one. The first was my official review and I got some good feedback from her, but she admitted that portraiture and landscapes are not her genre. My second review was by the incoming President of KPPA, Jennifer McCarty-Palumbo. She does beautiful children’s portraiture, so I was very happy to hear her thoughts. She taught me a neat trick for finding hotspots on your images. Here’s the trick. Hold the print in both hands, close your eyes and turn the image upside down. Open your eyes. Where is your eye drawn? If your eye goes somewhere other than the subject, you have a hotspot that needs to be dealt with.

In addition to the wonderful feedback that I received during my portfolio reviews, I learned a lot about creating classical portrait lighting. There was a special 4 hour lighting workshop on Thursday by PPA President, Tim Walden. I love his relationship portraits and he was so generous to share with us how he accomplishes them. Not only did we have Tim Walden, but also noted National Geographic photographer Joe McNalley, Kevin Kubota and Tim Meyer – all talking about lighting.

I’m still pretty much reeling from the almost weeklong experience. Of course, it doesn’t help that I came down with a raging cold once I got home. I’m really looking forward to practicing some of the great lighting ideas I picked up. Now where did I hide those 48 hour days?

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Lake Nevin at Sunrise

[Please click picture for larger image]

A few weeks ago, this photo was entered in a digital print competition with the PhotoPro Network.  It earned a rating of 79 – Above Average, just 1 point out of Merit rating.

The judge who gave a verbal critique stated that he gave it a score of 76.  He loved the mist on the water and liked the horizontal lines.  Yet, he felt it was an “uninteresting scene” because the building gets lost in the background.  Further comments were that it was “pretty, but mundane”.

I’m very happy with my score of 79, becaue it is an average of the scores from 3 judges.  Since one of the judges admitted to giving it a 76, that means that at least one (and probably both) of the other judges felt it was in the Merit category.  I have another photo, taken just moments before this one, that has another element of interest.  I’m not going to share that photo just yet, because I think it will become my entry for the February competition.

The Crop

Crop of Misty Morning

[Click the image to see a larger photo]

I took a few minutes to try the crop that was suggested on my photo “Misty Morning”.  I must admit that I do like it!  The pano crop gives it a totally different feel.

I still like the original version for all of the reasons that I said yesterday.  But I love the details that are more obvious in this one.  What do you guys think?

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“Misty Morning”

[Click on the picture to see a larger version]

This is one of my photos from the digital print competition last week.  It was taken very early one November morning at Lake Nevin in Bernheim Forest.  I love the play of light on the mist rising from the lake.  I also like how the boulders in front anchor the viewer, while the orange glow on the opposite side of the lake tends to pull you in.  My eye likes to wander through this scene and I find it very peaceful.

The judges awarded Misty Morning an average score of 75.  The one who gave a verbal critique said that he felt there was merit to be found in the image but that I need to crop off the bottom two-thirds.  He didn’t like my anchoring boulders and suggested that I make  the photo a very narrow panoramic-style image by removing everything below the mist.


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Welcome to my corner

Photography has been a passion of mine since I was very young and got my first Polaroid camera.  I still have the Polaroid photo of my friend and brother standing on either side of our snow penguin.  I’ve come a long way since that first shutter click.  But the thing that hasn’t changed is my love of photography.

This will hopefully become a journey which I share with you my readers – a journey delivered through my photos.  Since my tastes are very eclectic, it could be an interesting ride.

(Edited 3/13/11 to replace fuzzy image)

Click on the image to see full size.

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