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Snow Day!

Well, this winter has made up for all the years when we had little to no snow. We keep going from 50 degree temperature days to 2 – 5 inches of snow on the ground. It started snowing yesterday afternoon and by the time it quit this morning, we had close to 5 inches of snow. Flash, my black English Cocker Spaniel, loves the snow. He loves chasing snow balls, too, and his Poppa David is always willing to accommodate his demands ….er, requests … for a rousing game of snow ball chase. Ian, my older red English Cocker Spaniel, enjoys the snow but not nearly as much as Flash.


Above, Ian looks on as Flash attacks a snowball that just landed.  Check out the intensity on Flash’s face!



Above, Flash is about to leap into the air, encouraging his Dad to throw.




















My yak (above).  The boy is a bit of a coat factory and is in need of some serious grooming.  All of that snow just sticks to him, but it doesn’t slow him down at all.



“I can fly!”  Or, at least he thinks he can.  I am always amazed at how he can zoom over the snow like that.  It must be nice to be young and agile.



Oops!  Course correction needed.  Flash took off towards his left, but David threw the snowball to his right.  I love his ears flying in the snow.



Here, he almost looks like he’s laughing.  He has such a great joie de vivre.



Here’s my snow-dog!  The amazing (and good) thing is that once we quit playing, he shook a couple of times and all the snow was gone from his coat.  He came into the house almost dry.

Winter White Sale

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving

Upcoming Specials!

Cyber Monday Sale

Leave the holiday rush to the procrastinators this year.  Our Cyber Monday sale is the perfect way to cross every pet lover’s name off your list without having to leave the comfort of your own home.

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In other news

It’s been a great fall.  The leaves were spectacular around here.  I hope everyone got the opportunity to head out and enjoy the views and crisp fall weather.  I know I loved seeing all the color.  Now the leaves are falling and it seems like every other day sees David outside raking them up.

Thanksgiving and the shopping season are just around the corner.  I can’t believe that the year is starting to wind down already.  I have actually managed to find the time to enter a couple of year-end obedience and rally trials with the young English cocker, Flash.  We are moving up to the next intermediate level in AKC obedience and will be showing in the Graduate Novice class.  In UKC, he still needs 2 more qualifying scores for his UCD, so we will be hoping to finish that up in December too.

Don’t forget the Cyber Monday sale.  Give me a call (502-592-7071) or drop me an email ( sometime between November 29th and December 2nd.  I will be at obedience trials that weekend, so if you get my voice mail, leave me a message. I promise to get back to you.Ian Fall 2012

It’s been a busy fall

Wow!  This Fall season has been great.  I was privileged to be the portrait photographer at Flying Feet Agility’s CPE trial again in October.  We were first there for their Spring trial in April and met some wonderful people and their dogs.  The theme for Fall portraits was the harvest season.  We had fallen leaves, pumpkins and even a scarecrow.

My first client of the weekend was Legend, a Shetland Sheepdog, owned by Lydia and Kristie Robbins.  I first met Legend in April when he was a wee little pup.  It was fun to see how much he has grown in the six months since them.

Legend - then and now

Legend – then and now

It seemed there were a LOT of Shelties in attendance.  They do make great agility dogs, so I guess it wasn’t too surprising to see so many.

Kathie Attwood's "family"

Kathie Attwood’s “family”

We were honored to photograph Audi, the Golden-doodle, again.  This time his little brother Rudi, the Havanese, joined us as well.  They were definitely ready to be photographed.

Audi and Rudi - bestest brothers

Audi and Rudi – bestest brothers

But sometimes brothers don’t get along….

But sometimes brothers don't get along ....

But sometimes brothers don’t get along ….

Below is a tight head shot of Jeter the German Shepherd Dog.

Michele Reilly's Jeter

Michele Reilly’s Jeter

It was a fun three days and I hope we can do it again next year.  Some of the dogs were still full of energy at the end of the weekend like Ever…..

"Ever" the Australian Shepherd

“Ever” the Australian Shepherd

… and others were just worn out.

Mindy - taking a break

Mindy – taking a break

That’s all for now!

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Highview Fall Festival

Yesterday, David and I spent the afternoon at the Highview Fall Festival. What a nice event! I had a booth set up displaying some of my pet portraits from clients here in Louisville.

Early morning view of the booth

Early morning view of the booth

Above is a view of the booth just after setting it up. The sun was still pretty low in the sky, so the handy-dandy point and shoot camera that I was using picked up a little lens flare over the top of my tent. Below is a close-up of my banner:

Banner close-up

Banner close-up

And here is a view of my display:

Display of pet portraits

Display of pet portraits

The portrait on the left above is of my black English cocker, Flash. I just really love that particular image of him. I think it shows his true personality.

Here’s one more view of the booth taken later in the day. I decided to move the banner to the rear of the tent so that it didn’t block the view of the portrait display.

Later in the day...

Later in the day…

This was my first Fall Festival, but it won’t be my last. I had fun chatting with everyone who came by. I also held a drawing for chances to win free portrait sessions and prints ranging in size from 8 x 10 to 16 x 20. I am in the process of contacting the lucky winners.

Been a long time …

First I want to apologize for my long hiatus. It’s amazing how life can get in the way of writing.

Now for an update: I will be retiring from my position as Research Manager at the University of Louisville on October 31st! I am so excited about this change (when I’m not frightened as all get out about it). Once I’m retired, I will be able to devote all of that time to my photography. Right now, I have so many irons in the fire that I just don’t know where to turn first. I have marketing ideas floating around in my brain that I haven’t had time to work on. I have new software that is calling my name, pleading with me to spend time with it. Once November 1st arrives, I’ll be able to put some of these things into action.

Plan ahead. Don’t miss out on these exciting upcoming sessions and promotions!

CPE Agility trial
Over the weekend of October 18th – 20th, I will be doing pet portrait sessions at Flying Feet Agility’s CPE trial. The theme will be fall leaves and I’ll be running special event pricing. So, if you’ll be at the CPE trial, come prepared to have your wonderful agility partner photographed among the leaves – hopefully with lots of shiny new ribbons! If you just happen to be in the area and want a new portrait, stop on by. I’d love to see you! I hope to have samples of my new holiday cards as well.

Picture your pet here!

Picture your pet here!

Cyber Monday Sale
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Family First
Celebrate the most important thing in your life–your sweet family. Our new Family First portrait sessions can be customized to fit your family dynamic, size and personal style – with or without your pets! Invest in these precious moments and enjoy them for a lifetime.

Furry Friends Limited Edition Calendar
Capture your favorite furry friends with these Limited Edition portraits. A matching 12 month 8.5×11 calendar is sure to put a smile on your face the whole year through. Limited Edition pricing will be in effect, with a session fee of $45 and packages starting at $99.

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Photo Pro Expo 2013 rocked!

It has now been a few weeks since my trip to Covington for Photo Pro Expo 2013. I had a great time again this year! One of my prints scored 79 in competition which, unfortunately, is just out of the merit category. That print was “Misty Morning”, my beautiful peach-toned landscape of sunrise on Lake Nevin in Bernheim Forest.

Crop of Misty Morning

My portrait of Ian, aka “Mister Elegant” scored a 76. I submitted a different photo of Ian than what I used for the digital competition last summer and that might have been a mistake. The image from last summer scored higher.

I signed up for the portfolio review and was fortunate to get 2 reviews, instead of just one. The first was my official review and I got some good feedback from her, but she admitted that portraiture and landscapes are not her genre. My second review was by the incoming President of KPPA, Jennifer McCarty-Palumbo. She does beautiful children’s portraiture, so I was very happy to hear her thoughts. She taught me a neat trick for finding hotspots on your images. Here’s the trick. Hold the print in both hands, close your eyes and turn the image upside down. Open your eyes. Where is your eye drawn? If your eye goes somewhere other than the subject, you have a hotspot that needs to be dealt with.

In addition to the wonderful feedback that I received during my portfolio reviews, I learned a lot about creating classical portrait lighting. There was a special 4 hour lighting workshop on Thursday by PPA President, Tim Walden. I love his relationship portraits and he was so generous to share with us how he accomplishes them. Not only did we have Tim Walden, but also noted National Geographic photographer Joe McNalley, Kevin Kubota and Tim Meyer – all talking about lighting.

I’m still pretty much reeling from the almost weeklong experience. Of course, it doesn’t help that I came down with a raging cold once I got home. I’m really looking forward to practicing some of the great lighting ideas I picked up. Now where did I hide those 48 hour days?

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Competition prints are here!

Wow! My prints arrived today from the lab and they are gorgeous. I’m pretty excited and can hardly wait for the competition in February. I hope the judges like them as well as I do.

I have a total of 6 entries, 3 each of portraits and landscapes. I made changes to some of the images based on the critiques at the summer digital competition. I must admit that I really like the results. In addition, I also added a few new prints to test the waters with them.

Wish me luck!