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Two adorable Pomeranians: a pet photography session recap

OMG! These two adorable little Pomeranians came to visit for a pet photography session late last Fall. Things have been hectic around here since the first of the year and I just realized that I never got around to sharing Simmer and Temper. Chris E. owns both girls and they love running agility with their mom.

Pomeranian whispers

Temper whispers to Simmer, “I have a secret.”

Chris and I have known each other a long time. We showed our first obedience dogs at the same time. And, no. I will not tell you exactly how long ago that was. Suffice it to say that it was sometime in the last Century <insert smile here>.

Chris won a gift certificate for this pet photography session through the Derby City Agility Association. We finally got a chance to schedule the girls’ portrait session and a later we sat together for her to order her favorite portraits. The week after I delivered her framed prints to her, COVID-19 pandemic shut down pretty much everything here in Kentucky. I am so glad that we were able to get together before then.

Simmer the Pomeranian shows off her pretty face during her pet photography session at Images By Janice
Above: Simmer the Pomeranian shows off her pretty face.
Temper the Pomeranian poses graciously for her pet portrait session
Above: Temper the Pomeranian poses for the camera
Two Pomeranians share the spotlight during their portrait session with Images By Janice
Above: One more of Simmer and Temper sharing the spotlight!

I had such a fun time photographing these two Pomeranian girls for their mom. This was such an easy session. The reason? Both girls are so well trained.

Remember that I mentioned that they both run agility with Chris? Well, we captured this great shot of Temper at the American Pomeranian Club National Agility trial right before pandemic shutdown. Temper and I will leave you with these final parting words!

"It's always too early to quit." - Norman Vincent Peale
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Photographs and memories…..

I love old dogs so much.  I currently have 2 senior citizens living here (along with the 2 younger guys).  My oldsters are Ian the English Cocker, who will be 13 at the end of the month, and Wolfie the Miniature Poodle, who will be 15 a day later.  

Today, my computer developed some sort of glitch while I was at lunch.  I came back upstairs to find my usual scenic wallpaper on my monitor replaced with a generic MS Windows wallpaper.  Yuck!  Even after rebooting the system, my normal wallpaper was missing in action.  Rather than trying to find that same landscape that I’ve been looking at for years, I just started going through what Windows found in some old photo folders.

Here’s what I found …

English Cocker puppy

… Ian as a puppy!  It was in a folder full of cute puppy pictures taken right after we brought him home.  The one above is now my wallpaper on both monitors.

Like I said above, Ian is almost 13 now.  He’s a lot grayer.  He has huge cataracts that obstruct most of his vision.  He has been hard of hearing for the last few years.  Still, he is so special to me.  He was my first spaniel.  He was the most awesome partner in the Rally Obedience ring earning many titles and setting a few breed records along the way. He still makes me laugh with his silly antics and I hug him every day.

Here’s my best boy now…

Actually, the portrait above was taken a couple of years ago. (It hangs over my living room sofa.) He’s a LOT grayer now. Which reminds me.  I need to make some more portraits of both him and Wolfie.

Anyway, running across that puppy picture made me nostalgic.  It also reminded me of so many clients who brought their older, veteran best friends for portraits so they would have those lasting memories forever.  The nostalgia led to me turning some of those portraits into a short video.  That video was shared on Facebook and might be what led you to this post.  Here’s a link to the video on Youtube, if you missed it.  

Photographs and memories …

Make some while you can.  Have a great weekend!   

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The Federal Copyright Act

Welcome to 2018!

Copyright: Happy Agility Dog

Happy New Year! I hope that everyone’s dreams and wishes came true in 2017. And here’s hoping for even more wonderfulness in 2018.We at Images By Janice had an exciting year in 2017. It looks like 2018 is starting out with a bang as well. Sadly, it has come to my attention that some of our clients don’t understand federal copyright protection. If you are one of them, don’t feel bad.  I’m always surprised at just how many people really don’t understand copyright at all. Did you know that photographs belong to the photographer who makes them? That’s right. They do. As soon as a photographer pushes the shutter button, the resulting image belongs to that photographer or their studio.

Copyright defined:

According to the U.S. Copyright Office, “Copyright” is defined as: “a form of protection provided by the laws of the United States for ‘original works of authorship’, including literary, dramatic, musical, architectural, cartographic, choreographic, pantomimic, pictorial, graphic, sculptural, and audiovisual creations”.  Exclusive rights of the copyright owner include distribution of copies of the work to the public by sale, rental, lease, or lending. These exclusive rights make it illegal to copy, scan, edit or share photographic prints or digital media without the photographer’s permission.If you thought that saving a photo from a website by using the screen capture option on your PC, phone or iPad was okay – you were wrong. It is a violation of the Federal Copyright Act. Do you believe that it is okay to scan prints that you purchased from a show photographer to share them with your friends on Facebook? Sorry – wrong again. Even snapping a quick iPhone photo of your favorite print from a studio session is illegal. Just because you bought the print, it does not mean that you now own the copyright. “Copyright” = “Copy” + “Right” (aka the “right to copy”). Only the original photographer or their studio has the right to copy any photo.

Do You Have Permission?

Unless you have permission from your photographer, it is illegal to copy, distribute, publicly display, or create derivative works from your purchased photographs. At Images By Janice, we sell digital files from performance events so that you may share them online. We are in the business of creating photographs and in order to stay in business, we must sell photographs. If you screen capture a photo from our online gallery without purchasing it, you are stealing. Even if you purchased the digital file but have not yet received it, it is still illegal to take a photo of the online image to share. If you purchase a physical print from us, we are more than happy to add-on a water-marked digital file for you to share. We know that everyone loves to share fun shots of their favorite dog soaring over an agility jump, nailing his weaves, or just plain being silly on the agility course. Heck, we love doing that too with our own silly dogs. If we share one of your dog’s photos on our Facebook page, feel free to share it to your own page. We do request that you don’t remove the watermark or add any silly Facebook or camera phone filter to it, however. (That would also be a violation of the Copyright Act since you would be creating a “derivative work”.)In short, if we took a photo of your dog (or your friend’s dog) and you want to share it, we will gladly grant you permission to do so.  Just please purchase the digital file from us. We love seeing our images shared, as long as they are being shared in a way that does not violate our copyright.If you would like more information on photographic copyright, please visit:


Let’s have FUN this year!

We love photographing everyone’s performance dogs. We laugh at their antics and revel in their successes – right along with all of you. We love sharing our photos in online galleries for folks to see and purchase. Going forward, however, our online galleries will have a watermark through them middle of each image. I’ve refreained from doing that in the past, because I feel that it detracts from the photo. It also makes it much more difficult to check sharpness when making a purchase decision. Unfortunately, in order to protect our livelihood, I feel like this has become a necessary evil. When you purchase a digital download from our gallery site, the unsightly watermark in the middle of the photo will be removed. There will still be a small watermark in the lower left corner, as there has been in the past.

David and I are looking forward to a fun year photographing your dogs. Whether it’s at an action-packed agility weekend or a more subdued obedience or rally trial, we are planning to capture lots of WOW! moments of your favorite canines.  Also, don’t forget that we also offer in-studio pet portrait photography.  Make 2018 the year that Images By Janice immortalizes your pet.

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Happy New Year! Welcome to 2017

Happy New Year!  2016 seems to have flown past. It seemed like every weekend found David and me at a dog event. I know it wasn’t really that many, but some months came close.

The new year is just getting started, but I’m already making plans for this year’s photography goals. We have several events scheduled in January and February. March is almost full too! I do still have openings for studio photography. If your favorite pet needs his or her picture on your wall, now is the time to schedule a session.

Saying good-bye

A few of the jewelry pieces that we have offered in the past have been discontinued by my vendor. I am checking out their new items to see what we might pick up as replacements. Does anyone out there wear charm bracelets anymore? We do have the option of adding charms to the current necklace and pendant line-up. Comment below if you like the idea!

New items coming later this new year

I have some new ideas in the works. First, I will be taking a class on painting with Photoshop at the end of January. Can you imagine how much fun that will be?   I can hardly wait to get started with that. We already offer a fun line of digital illustrations from agility, obedience and rally trial photos. Those were a big hit in 2016 and we will continue to offer them in 2017. I’m hoping to begin digital paintings from studio portraits later this year.  

Education, education, education

As I said above, I’m taking a painting class at the end of the month.  The month of January also includes my state photography convention in Covington.  I always pick up some new tidbits to help improve my photography and sometimes I get ideas for a new product offering.  The digital illustrations that I offer grew from a seminar I attended several years ago.  Sometimes it takes a while for the seed to germinate into a product, but once it does – watch out!

What are your plans for 2017?

Are you training for new titles?  Do you have a new puppy or kitten?  Let us know if we can help out!  We love photographing puppies and kittens.  If you got one for Christmas, give us a call or send an email.  502-592-7071 or Janice@ImagesByJanice.com


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Dog Photos – Made into Artwork

David and I photograph several dog agility trials throughout the year. We also photograph some dog obedience and rally trials. My favorite thing to do with the action dog photos that we capture is to turn them into unique pieces of art. The process is slow but it is so rewarding! I love the creation process and the dog owner loves their new artwork.

The process starts with the best possible action photos. At Images By Janice, we use camera gear that is optimized for the low-light conditions of most indoor dog event facilities. That insures that we have high-quality, clear dog photos to start with. We then help the owner pick out the best photo from among their favorites at an event. Some action dog photos work better than others for the artwork that I create. A nice intense, focused look on the dog’s face is priceless! Also, jumping dog photos work very well. Believe it or not, even photos of the dog landing from a jump can create a really awesome piece of artwork. For example, the three photos below:

Agility dog photo from Queen City Dog Training Club - Keeshond - ©Images By Janice, LLC - Louisville, KY

Agility dog photo - Keeshond - ©Images By Janice, LLC - Louisville, Kentucky

Happy dog photo - ©Images By Janice, LLC - Louisville, KY

…..were all merged into this single piece of artwork (see below).

Keeshond dog photos composite - ©Images By Janice, LLC - Louisville, KY

I love how the dog in the lower right corner is starting to land and it adds so much motion and energy to the final illustration.

Usually, the illustrations are made from a single dog photo. Once that action photo is chosen, I discuss with the owner what sort of style and colors they prefer. Once I have that information, the fun begins! As you can see from the dog photos above (taken at Queen City Dog Training Club in Cincinnati, Ohio), there are usually a lot of distracting things in the photos with the dog. I use photo-editing tools to help me “cut” the dog out of the original photograph. Sometimes I will leave a portion of the agility equipment, but other times I end up with nothing but the dog.

Once the dog is separated from the distractions, I move the cut-out dog to a clean white background and start painting. The painting is all done digitally and I enjoy playing with various color combinations. Sometimes, the colors are inspired by the dog’s coat color. Other times, the owner has a favorite color scheme and I will work with that. If the owner doesn’t have a preference, I am free to create whatever pops into my head. Those are usually my favorite finished pieces because my creativity is allowed free-run of the canvas. Below is one of my all-time favorites. I actually have a sample of it that I carry with me to agility trials. I enjoy the subtle lightning bolts, the hint of a rain shower, and the little splashes under the dog’s feet.

Jumping dog photos artwork - ©Images By Janice, LLC - Janice Lukenbill - Louisville, KY

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I am Certified!

No, I didn’t say “certifiable”, though I’m sure that there are those who think I probably *am* certifiable.

Nope, I am now a Certified Professional Photographer (CPP) through the Professional Photographers of America (PPA).  In order to become certified, one first must be a member of PPA.  Then, you must declare your candidacy, pass a written exam and then pass an image submission exam.  I declared my candidacy last May and took the written exam last June at Photo Pro Network’s Summer School in Owensboro.  The exam is 100 questions in length and you must score at least a 70 in order to pass.  The questions cover everything photographic and I studied for probably a year before declaring.  I was really pleased to pass the score with only 7 incorrect answers!

I took a while to prepare my images for image submission.  Submission entails 6 compulsory images, plus 9 client images.  I had to demonstrate that I understand how to properly light a subject (both broad light and short light) and how to use selective focus to highlight the main subject of a photograph.

broad light

Broad Light

selective focus

Selective Focus

short light

Short light

My other compulsories were chosen from 6 options.  I chose to demonstrate Rule of Thirds (a compositional technique), texture, and color harmony.

color harmony

Color harmony

rule of thirds

Rule of Thirds

shape form texture

Texture, Shape, form

Image submission periods are only open every two months.  There is a window for submissions that lasts for two weeks.  I actually submitted midway through the April 2015 period.  Once submissions close, candidates have to wait three weeks to find out whether or not they pass.  If your compulsory images don’t pass, the judges don’t even look at your client images.  Since I submitted a week before deadline, I’ve been waiting for 4 weeks to see whether or not I passed.  Fortunately, I’ve been busy with agility trial photography, so I didn’t really have time to stress out until this week.  This week, I confess, I’ve been pretty distracted.  I should have been editing images from the last agility trial, but my mind has been on CPP.

Today, before heading to Nosework class with Ian, the English Cocker, I checked email.  There is was……an email with the subject heading “CPP Results”.  I sat there and was afraid to open the email.  I finally got up the nerve to open it.  It started out with a platitude thanking me for taking part in the CPP image submission process.  I thought to myself…..”Oh no! I didn’t pass!”  Then my eyes skimmed a little further to find the word “CONGRATULATIONS” in all caps.  I had to read the email three times before it really sank in.  I am now a CPP, a Certified Professional Photographer.  I am beyond pleased to say that all of the images that I used were dog portraits (except the Selective Focus image, which was dog-related).

There are only a handful of CPPs who specialize in pet photography.  I am proud to say that I am now among their ranks.  If you’ve been wanting to have a beautiful photographic portrait taken of your favorite four-legged friend, give me a call at (502) 592-7071 or email me at Janice@ImagesByJanice.com to schedule a consultation.


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Photographing Senior Pets

Back around the first of the year, I did a portrait session for a canine senior citizen named Buzz. I’ve adored Buzz since he was a pup, so I was very honored that his owner asked me to photograph him now that he is getting on in years. While photographing senior pets can be a challenge, I am always up for a challenge.

Louisville Pet Photographer, Louisville Pet Photography, Louisville Dog Photographer, Louisville Dog Photography

The smiling face above is how I always think of Buzz. The difficulty was to capture that look in a classic portrait. You see, Buzz is hard of hearing, as are many senior pets. We couldn’t use squeaky toys or funny noises to get his attention. That left us with treats. Buzz is an English Springer Spaniel. If you know anything at all about spaniels, you know they are true chow hounds. Buzz is no exception. The owner would use treats to get him into position and then back away. Of course, Buzz decided to follow the treats rather than stay where he was left. Age does have its privileges, and Buzz is like most retired obedience-trained dogs who waste NO time in figuring out when the rules no longer apply to them. The three of us humans in the studio were laughing out loud at Buzz’s antics by the end of the portrait session. With a lot of treats, a lot of patience, and a quick shutter finger, I was able to capture Buzz’s personality for posterity.

Louisville Pet Photographer, Louisville Pet Photography, Louisville Dog Photographer, Louisville Dog Photography

Buzz’s Classic Portrait

I love spaniels for many reasons. They have beautiful coats that are so silky to the touch. They are wonderful companions. What I love the most, though, are those soulful eyes as seen in the classic portrait above. The eyes on a spaniel can melt your heart, and Buzz’s were no exception. Many thanks to his owner, Alex, for allowing me the opportunity to capture that timeless expression.


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Photo Highlights from HDTC

Louisville Pet Photographer, Louisville Pet Photography, Louisville Dog Photographer, Louisville Dog Photgraphy

Flash in Open A at HDTC’s February obedience trial.












In February – Valentine’s Day weekend to be exact – David and I were photographing the Hamilton Dog Training Club’s winter obedience and rally trials.  We had 2 long 12-hour days of obedience followed by a more normal 8-hour day of rally.  Since I was showing Flash in Open A at the trials, we took turns photographing.  I thought I would share a few of the purchased photos from that trial.


It was a lot of fun to see not only the great working teams, but also the fun interactions between dog and handler.  If you would like to see more photos from the trial, click here.  The online gallery will be available for viewing until at least mid-April 2015.

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Not the post I thought I would write today…..

I sat down today to write about my wonderful weekend at Photo Pro Network Summer School in Owensboro.  I’m finding it hard to write that post at the moment.  Right now, my heart is breaking.  The health of my 13-year-old Poodle Max, aka  UROC URX2 U-Ag1 U-CDX Scherzer Lastline Of Defense CDX RAE OAP AJP CL1-R CL1-F, is rapidly deteriorating.  So, today’s post is going to be a living tribute to the greatest dog I’ve ever owned.  His registered name is long and his titles are many.  We showed together in conformation (until he went over-size), obedience, agility and rally.  He was my first agility dog to get to the Excellent level and likely the last since I don’t do agility any more.  I don’t really like agility but, in Max’s eyes, “run and jump” was the greatest sport in the world.  I ran agility with him because he did every other sport with me that I wanted to do.  Once David helped him overcome his fear of the teeter, it became his favorite obstacle.  One of my favorite agility memories is from a trial at Queen City Dog Training Club in Cincinnati.  It was a Jumpers course and somehow I ended up going one way and Max another.  We both stopped and looked at each other.  The expression on both of our faces was “What in the world are YOU doing over THERE?”  When I watched the video later, I had flicked out a pinky finger toward my left as I turned right.  Max took that cue and went left and was more than a bit ticked off at me that I had mis-cued him!

In obedience, he once took the high jump during the figure eight exercise in Open B (the Open level class for dogs with the CDX title).  We had been doing a lot of agility without much obedience practice at the time.  When I watched the video of that day in the ring, I had to laugh at my boy who was having a blast.  In rally, he was always a willing partner.  Well, almost always.  He sometimes saw ‘dead people’ in the corners of the rings where we trialed.  Heck, he still sees ‘dead people’ – demons only he can see.  When his demons show up, he just can’t work through them.  But that’s okay, because he has always been the dog that will give me everything he has at any given moment.  Even when the demons cause him to panic, he turns to me with trust and tries his hardest for me.

From the moment that I met Max, he was destined to be mine and to rule the household.  When I met his litter, there were two boys.  I really wanted his brother.  His brother wouldn’t give me the time of day, but Max kept coming up and crawling into my lap.  After several visits with the same reactions from the two boys, I finally relented and Max came home with me.  I have never regretted that decision.  I had only had him a couple of days when I called my mom, his breeder.  I told her that Max was quickly wrapping me around his paw and I knew it, and I didn’t care.  Max’s favorite snack was, and still is, french fries from the fast food seafood restaurant, Moby Dick.  He learned to beg while waiting for me to share my Moby Dick french fries.  Nowadays he usually begs first from my husband, David.  However, if there are Moby Dick french fries, he comes to me first.

Max will never steal food.  We can leave a plate of cheese on the sofa arm and leave the room.  When we come back, Max will still be waiting for his cheese.  His latest way to ask for something is to reach out with his right forepaw and tap David on the arm….very gently…..as if to say “Excuse me, sir”.  Once he has David’s attention, he will stare intently into David’s eyes and then at the plate of food, then back into the eyes.  It’s almost comical to watch, because Max has it down to a science after all these years.

As I said earlier, Max has his demons.  He is deathly afraid of small children and anything  that rolls.  I know exactly when and how that fear developed.  It was one of those freakish things that happens during a critical fear period.  He was never able to overcome the experience despite years of counter-conditioning.  We’ve worked through it the best we can over the years.  At this point, it is what it is.  And it’s part of who Max is.

Max is the only dog allowed to sleep in our bed.  It started at motels when we’d stay overnight for dog shows.  Max (with David’s voice) would ask, “Mom? Can I sleep in bed tonight?”  The answer was always yes.  Slowly, over the years, sleeping in bed started happening at home as well.  He usually sleeps at the foot of the bed, between David’s feet.  Some nights he’s my dog and sleeps curled up against the back of my legs.  Usually it’s very comforting to have Max sleeping against me.  Lately, though, his breathing has gotten more labored and I wake up to hear him coughing or wheezing.

At the start of this post, I said that Max had lots of titles.  He does.  But … that is not who he is.  Who is Max?  Max is the ‘plain brown dog’ who stole my heart.  He is a lover of all things made of (or flavored like) cheese (“Cal-sum” in Max-words.)  He is a lover of pop-pop (popcorn), Moby Dick french fries, apples (which he will eat right off the core once you take the peel off for him) and sleeping in bed.  He is the best whole-dog cuddler ever. He is the dog who stole my heart and who trusts me implicitly.  He is also the dog who defied the odds and survived a splenic hematoma and surgery to have the spleen removed four years ago this August.  He has made me laugh and cry.

And now, while I still can……I’m going to get off this computer and go take more photos of one of my best friends.

Best Dog Ever!


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