About me

Louisville Pet Photographer For many, myself included, pets are an integral part of our lives and members of the family. Through the years, I have owned many wonderful pets: mostly dogs, a few cats, a gerbil and a hamster (not at the same time), and even the occasional fresh-water aquarium. I’m sure all of you have your favorite memories of childhood pets. I know that I do. I enjoy looking back through the photo albums of my childhood at the photos of me hugging on the family pet. As I got older, I got busy. I still spent quality time with my pets but, somehow, I never seemed to remember to grab the camera and take their pictures.

A few years ago, one of my English Cockers, Keegan, passed away at the tender age of 3 years. He was healthy, vibrant, and showing in an obedience trial one weekend.  On Monday, he quit eating his favorite snack, popcorn. A week later, he was gone.  We never were able to determine why his body shut down on him. I still get tears in my eyes and a lump in my throat remembering that weekend spent at the emergency veterinary clinic.  I was fortunate that I had made a few portraits of him a year earlier, but I am saddened that I don’t have more to remember him by.

I’m Janice Lukenbill and I am the owner of Images by Janice, LLC. My goal is to produce beautiful photographic portraits of your pets – classical pet portraits that will serve as lasting memories of your cuddly canine, furry feline or other beloved pet. I am a member of the Photo Pro Network and the Professional Photographers of America. I enjoy practicing the art of photography and am always working to improve my work. I look forward to the opportunity to photograph your wonderful pets! Email me at Janice@ImagesByJanice.com or call me at 502-592-7071 to schedule a consultation and portrait session.


        • Master of Photography (M. Photog.)
        • Certified Professional Photographer (CPP)
        • 2020 Kentucky Pet Photographer of the Year
        • Bronze Medalist – International Photographic Competition – 2017
        • 2nd place – Arts Association of Oldham County juried exhibit “Animal Attractions” – 2017
        • 2nd place – Arts Association of Oldham County juried exhibit “Animal Attractions” – 2014
        • Best in Show – Summer Hot Shots  – Photo Pro Network – 2014
        • Horizon Award – Photo Pro Network (Kentucky affiliate of Professional Photographers of America) – 2014

Member of:      

  • PPA – Professional Photographers of America    
  • ASP – American Society of Photographers
  • PPN – Photo Pro Network (formerly the Kentucky Professional Photographers Association)
  • GLTC – Greater Louisville Training Club

Imagine your pet’s portrait over your fireplace.